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StrongPoint helps retailers streamline operations and increase productivity through a unique product portfolio and innovative integrations. Our offering includes solutions that improve the checkout environment, the shopping area and the store management experience.

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StrongPoint has the leading solutions for both cash management in the retail industry and for secure Cash in Transit, ATM and other cash logistics operations. StrongPoint optimises, automates and secures the entire cash handling process, both inside the business and during transport and dispensing of cash.

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StrongPoint offers label services for any product and any use. We assist customers throughout the whole process, from design to printing. StrongPoint has the latest printing equipment to make sure we can meet any label need our customers may have.

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Recent News

  • PSI Group is reorganizing its operations and changes name to Strong Point ASA
    The name change was approved at the extraordinary general meeting on August 27, and all the Group's subsidiaries will have a common profile and identity. Strong Point ASA consists of PSI Systems AS, PSI Antonson AB, New Vision Baltija UAB, SQS Security Qube System AB, Antonson Label AB, CashGuard AB and Vensafe AS.

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